Advice for Lamoille Students from Lamoille Students

By Anna Schwarz

Even though we are unable to connect face to face with one another, the Blue & Gold is proud to unite its readers with their peers through some timely advice. We asked the LUHS student community for tips for those struggling to adapt to online learning and life in quarantine. Here’s what they said:

“A good idea is to keep a journal or diary that you reflect in at the end of the day each day. If you don’t want to do that, then try writing a letter to someone that you know and send it out. I promise it will help you feel a little less lonely.” – Amanda Lavery

“The warm weather will come sooner than later and the virus will have to come to an end at some point. Everyone has to just live in the moment and know there’s an end.” – Sierra Messick

“It’s important that you communicate with your teachers if you’re struggling with anything. Ask for help. There are people who are willing to help you.” – Anonymous

“Sometimes when I’m stressed to the breaking point, I do something that makes me happy, and I think that you should if you are stressed too.” – Dayna Snow

“The best thing you can do is participate. Everyone is still learning and the absolute worst thing you can do is ignore it. Even just doing a little bit a day is better than ignoring it all together.” – Hayden Cheever

“Print out as many papers as possible.” – Dustin Getty

“Try to make a schedule and stick to it, writing it down helps.” – Heidi Tinker

“Take it slow and easy. Try to keep a daily schedule and some normalcy, and if one class is stressing you out, try a different class.” – Michael Sargent

“Just take your time and stay focused and connected with friends, family and teachers. It will all work out!” – Hailey Barry

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