A Note from the Editors

The Blue and Gold takes pride in being Lamoille’s first student-run newspaper, focusing on issues big and small that we face in school.

Though it may seem like there are bigger issues to focus on that tasks like our schoolwork and student journalism, we believe that focusing on these things will get us through this time in a more calm and responsible manner.

Though we are no longer “in school” in the traditional sense, we find it crucial to remain a strong, confident community.

We promise to report steadily in these hard times.We hope to report the facts concerning the COVID-19 crisis and shine a light on the brighter days to come.

Our main desire is to represent everyone in this school community equally, giving a listening ear to those who have something to say at any given time. Now, especially, we find that there are many opinions, thoughts and concerns on our situation. We want to hear your voice.

We’re not telling you to always look on the bright side: We are telling you that we are here to support you, no matter what.

Speak out! Let yourself be heard. Think about others, and be aware of the way your actions affect those surrounding you.

Don’t hide away your fears and doubts. Talk to others, friends, teachers, family, and, of course, us at the Blue and Gold.

You can rely on us.

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