How are LUHS students doing during closure?

By Madilyn Ruiter

Lamoille Union High School is closed for the remainder of the school year and students have been working from home since March 18th. The Blue & Gold put out a survey in mid-April to figure out how students are adjusting during the quarantine.

While it appears that many students at Lamoille Union have been adjusting to the new way of learning, one concern is that students have been under more stress than usual because of online learning.

Some students reported having six or more hours of work to do while others said that they have as little as one hour’s worth of work on the daily basis.

One side effect is that everyone is spending a little extra time on their phones throughout the day. However, students have been taking advantage of being home and many report picking up some hobbies.

Many students reported that they have been exercising a lot during quarantine, including riding bikes, going on walks, and doing workout routines, “I am spending more time outside and am doing online team workouts,” an unnamed student said in the survey.

The end of the school year is different, but students have found some advantages from being quarantined. Many people in the survey said they enjoy having a self-paced day where they can schedule around what they want to do.

Students also said that they enjoy being around their family, “You can spend more time with the people you love and build a strong family dynamic/relationship,” said Michael Sargent.

Many students also emphasized on how this extra had helped them focus on themselves, “I’ve been better about self-care and I started yoga,” said Jordan Fagnant.

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