School Recalculates Seniors’ GPAs

By Olivia Hale

The class of 2020 is the first at Lamoille to graduate under the state mandated proficiency based grading system. With the system comes the necessity for a way to calculate GPAs.  

Math teacher William Widen took on the task of creating an OPS, which stands for Overall Proficiency Score.  This new method of calculating overall achievement is a better way to represent how students stand academically.  

“The statistic that the seniors were being told to use significantly undervalued who they were as students, and it was borderline sabotaging them,” says Widen. He says the OPS he’s created “much better represents growth over their career at Lamoille.”

Guidance counselor Emily Braggins chimes in to say that while there has been stress around calculating GPAs with the new grading system, it will get easier over time. As Lamoille figures out how to make the grading system run smoothly, contributions like Widen’s method for calculating an OPS are valuable to the process.

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