EPIC Program on “Upward Track” in First Year

By Thea Koch and Gabe Locke

EPIC stands for Educational Path I Choose. 

In EPIC each student is asked to create a project about anything they are interested in. 

At the end of each quarter EPIC holds an expo where every student presents their project. 

We asked some mentors involved in EPIC how the year is going and how the program is impacting our school. 

Olivia Bryce’s answer (Algebra teacher) to these questions were the following. “I think EPIC is going really well and I love the enthusiasm that the students have with their topic.”

Her plans with this program are to give students more choice. Bryce says “EPIC is helping to address the social and emotional learning that might not have a place in the regular classrooms.”

We also interviewed Michael Potvin (English teacher), here are his answers. 

Potvin says “I think kids are really excelling in getting to know what they are passionate about.” 

We asked these mentors if they thought EPIC was impacting our school. 

This is what Potvin has to say, “Giving kids an alternative to traditional classes and empowerments to their learning is helping to shift the culture of the school.

The last mentor we interviewed was Kim Hoffman, she said “EPIC is going well, it has its ups and downs and overall it’s on this major upward trajectory.” 

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