Climate Change Curriculum Unfocused

By Anna Gale

Everyone has heard about climate change, but unlike other subjects such as science or math, which have been around for ages, climate change is new. Now teachers are finding ways to integrate it into their curriculum. 

Amy Urling, one of the biology teachers at Lamoille, is very interested in teaching the subject of climate change. She has students look at data and watch documentaries about the subject. Urling says that “It’s an important issue that we need to talk about.” 

Kaylee White, a student, also thinks that climate change is something that should be taught at lamoille. She says “It’s such a current issue and it’s extremely pressing, and I don’t think a lot of kids have the real facts about it.”

Urling is also the head of the Environmental Club. Recently, the club went to a conference with students from other schools to talk about what they can do to reduce climate change’s effects in our school. 

The library at LUHS has been gathering many resources about climate change. So far, the library hasn’t been seeing many high school classes using these resources yet, but they are available for projects. 

Meagan Towle, one of the librarians, thinks that climate change is being talked about, the library’s resources just aren’t being used. But that shouldn’t stop teachers or students who are interested in learning more from checking the library resources out. “Books on climate change, we got ‘em,” says Towle. 

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