Newsies: The Musical Coming in November

By Anna Gale

This November the theater program at Lamoille Union High School will be putting on the musical Newsies. The lead, Jack, will be played by returning actor Griffin Koss, class of 2021, and the musical will be performed from the 7th to the 9th of November in the auditorium. 

Newsies is about newspaper boys in the 1890’s going on strike in an attempt to stop Joseph Pulitzer from raising newspaper prices in a way that would hurt them. 

“All of the newspaper boys who are delivering the newspapers are getting totally screwed by Joseph Pulitzer,” said Ian Trombulak, school guidance counselor.

Aside from Jack, some of the other characters are Katharine, a reporter played by Tara Blueter, class of 2021, and Joseph Pulitzer, played by Owen Privee, class of 2023. 

Blueter is excited about her role, and her experience in the theater, saying that, “If you truly love musical theater and if you love the show, being called everyday for two hours, it’s the best feeling in the world… I love it. I love being called every time.” 

Max Gwozdz, class of 2023, who plays a newsie named Davey, says that he’s excited for the musical because “you only really get to live one life if you don’t do theater, but when you do theater you get to experience and if you really get like into it you almost feel like you are the person you are trying to portray”. 

There are two faculty members that will be in the show this year as well. Trombulak is one of them, playing Teddy Roosevelt. The other is band teacher Nick Allen, who has a small role as a security guard. Trombulak thinks that “It would be kind of a draw to come see two faculty make fun of themselves on stage”. 

Trombulak expects a full house on opening night, and thinks that this year’s musical is really interesting. Blueter says that Newsies involves a lot of dancing, so it is more difficult than previous musicals. Despite that, she and the rest of the cast are still very excited to perform this show for the community.

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