New Teachers Settle in at LUHS

By Max Gwozdz, Olivia Hale, Gabe Locke, and Thea Koch

This year there are four new teachers in Lamoille Union High School’s community. The new teachers are Keith Mckenna, Matthew Girouard, Amy Urling, and Daniel Johnstone. 

Keith McKenna, who teaches in B103, is part of the English department. When asked what rules he used to govern his classes, McKenna said, “Be cool, in the sense that everyone is here for the same reason, there is no reason anyone needs to get aggressive or confrontational with other students in the classroom.” 

The new biology teacher, Amy Urling, is a part of the science department. She said that her goal for the year is to prioritize hands on learning. She is also hosting the Environmental Club, which is a club focused on studying and changing the environment for the better.

The new music teacher this year is Daniel Johnstone. When asked how he deals with misbehavior in his class, he said, “If you know you’re doing something stupid, stop doing the stupid thing.” Johnstone teaches in the chorus room, and is part of the fine arts department.

Finally there’s the new math teacher, Matthew Girouard. He was asked what made his environment unique for students and said, “I’m sort of laid back, and I like to get kids moving… like a game where you move around the classroom I like to be more active.” Girouard can be found in room A203.

Overall, the new teachers seem very excited for their first year at Lamoille Union. Mckenna especially said he was looking forward to the rest of the year, except winter because he hates the cold.

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