The Librarians of Lamoille

By Kayla Turner

You might think that a librarian’s favorite part of their job is the books, but really it’s the kids. 

 At Lamoille Union High School, you might just know your librarians as the people who check out books. You might not even know their names. But they know you and want you to have a great library experience. 

Librarians Meagan Towle and Lisa Stead spoke out on their favorite part of working in the library:

Stead states that the best part of her job is “matching students with books that they fall in love with.” 

For Towle, it’s all about “Interacting with the students.” She also says, “I want students to have the basic research skills,” acknowledging that as a school, “we don’t devote enough time to research.”

 For both of them, it was clear that, for the librarians, it is ultimately about the joy of reading: “Getting someone to enjoy reading is truly amazing,” said Stead.

The next time you stop by to return a book, say hello to the incredible staff there. And to quote Albert Einstein, “The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.” 

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