Opinion: School needs to confront vaping epidemic

How can a school combat a health epidemic that has become entrenched in school culture? While it is imperative that we prevent students from becoming addicted, the most dangerous problem we face now is what will become of the students who have become addicted and need help fighting their addiction.

The school has attempted to tackle the vaping issue by giving information to students, which is important, but we believe the time has come to get help to students.

Since the end of last year, vaping has been a prevalent issue at our school. Everyone recognizes it as a problem, but not much has been done. There is an important difference between words and actions, and while the school has been offering information, no real action has been taken.

While it is certainly important to inform students of the dangers around vaping, more effective measures need to be taken.

One potential solution to this problem is hiring a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) which would help students who are already addicted to nicotine by vaping, rather than simply warning against it.

Another solution would be subscribing to an addiction hotline. For any action, however, the leadership of the administration will be crucial. Although the budget may pose a problem, the health of students should be the real bottom line.

The school’s job is to prepare its students for the world beyond high school, but the students won’t be ready to tackle that world if the school doesn’t help them to deal with issues like vaping and drug addiction.

We urge the administration to take a more concrete stand against the vaping epidemic; students cannot do this alone.

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