Our Local Candidates for State Government

Lucy Rogers, democratic House candidate; Lamoille-3:

“People think I’m not qualified to talk, but if you live in Vermont, you’re qualified to talk about life in Vermont.” Lucy was born and raised in Waterville,Vermont, where she attended Waterville Elementary school and Lamoille Union middle and high school. Later on, she worked in Canada researching grizzly bears before she attended Harvard and UVM. Now she’s running for the Vermont House of Representatives, against Republican Zach Mayo. Q: Why did you decide to run for public office? A: I wanted to be a strong voice for small towns like Waterville and Cambridge. Q: What are some issues that affect VT youth? A: (condensed)

District consolidation
School safety
Rural internet access
Lucy’s advice for politically interested high school students:
Learn as much as you can about the issue you’re interested in
Contact your legislators
Find people to talk to who are experts
Contact Lucy at lucyrogersvt@gmail.com

Zach Mayo; republican House candidate; Lamoille-3:

“I encourage everyone to travel and experience the world, but it you want to stay in Vermont, you deserve a place here.”Zach was born in Burlington and grew up in Cambridge, attended Cambridge elementary and graduated from LUHS. As a teenager he worked at Copley Hospital and later attended the University of Maine. He enlisted in the US Navy and graduated from the US Navy Nuclear Power Training Command. He enjoys traveling, camping, and hiking, and has a deep love for Vermont.

Q: why did you decide to run for public office?
A: I am motivated by my intense desire to move politics away from divisive and angry rhetoric to a more calm, collected sharing of ideas through constructive dialogue.
Q: What are some issues that affect VT youth?
A: (condensed) youth remaining in VT and youth employment opportunities
Zach’s advice for politically interested high school students:
Work together (no us and them)
Remain civil when having conversations
Stay open to other viewpoints
Contact Zach at mayozl@hotmail.com

Other Candidates for House and Senate in our area:

Matt Hill, democratic House candidate, Lamoille-2
Dan Noyes, democratic House candidate, Lamoille-2
Mike King, independent House candidate, Lamoille-2
Marina Meerburg, democratic House candidate, Lamoille-1
Heidi Scheuermann, republican House candidate, Lamoille-1
David Yacovone, democratic House candidate, Lamoille-Washington
Avram Patt, democratic House candidate, Lamoille-Washington
Gary Nolan, republican House candidate, Lamoille-Washington
Rich Westman, republican Senate candidate, Lamoille

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