Haunted High Rakes in Riches, Plans for Future

By Madilyn Ruiter

During the three nights of Lamoille Union High School’s Haunted High, the Performing Art Company made just over $8,000 and guided 212 groups through the routes. Also Friday night was the biggest night in Haunted High history, with an earning of $6,000.

Mr. Allen, the club’s advisor, talked with the Blue and Gold about changes, goals, and how the preparation and execution of the events performances went.

The club has undergone some structural changes, including how the presidents and advisory board are selected.

The club has upped their production value and wants to invest in new opportunities for the theater, dance, and band programs as well as their own program.

Finally, PAC wants the club to become bigger with more strong student leaders.

In past years the advisory board which makes a majority of the decisions for the club, was made mostly of seniors.

This year the advisory board decided to change things up. Katie Mathison-Regan, a junior, is the president of the club along with Tara Blueter, a sophomore, as the president-elect.

The new structure allows a junior to be president and then when they are a senior they will be outgoing president. The president-elect will then become the president and a new sophomore will then be president-elect.

This new system allows the outgoing president, president, and president-elect to all work together to create a strong team.

In past years some students have wanted to do everything, and then things are out of control, but this system keeps things under control because of the amount of leaders and teamwork.

Tara Blueter, the current president-elect, enlightened us about her experience in the club. She told us that being in charge has its ups and downs but overall it was an experience she will never forget. Tara said, “It’s good cause all these people, are like, they really look up to you.”

PAC, has upped their production value this year. This means that they spent more money in putting on the production to make more money with the performances.

Mr. Allen told me that the club usually spends around $1500 on everything, but this year they spent around $4000 dollars total. The extra spending is put towards making the show as awe-inspiring as possible and therefore getting an abundant amount of money in return.

With the money Haunted High raises, they hope to have acting workshops which is a class that Lamoille doesn’t offer. They would also like to put money towards other programs such as: dance, theater, band, chorus and PAC itself.

PAC is already a big club and has a big following for their Haunted High performance, but Mr. Allen said that he wants this club to be bigger.

In our interview with him Mr. Allen recalled a conversation he had with Mr. Rector, the old program director, about the club. They said, “ We want this club to be bigger than whoever runs it. So that way if I can’t run it anymore somebody else can pick up the reins and go.”

Mr. Allen also said that no matter what he want the organization to be student run. He is only there as a supervisor.

Overall Lamoille Union’s haunted High is a ever growing organization that is greatly enjoyed by the school and surrounding community.

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